Some years ago, everybody used the phone for business, personal relationships… but only a small percentage of people used the cell phone.

Gradually, the use has moved from tradicional phone to the cell one, and now is difficult to find a person above 8 years old that don´t have one in the western  world.

Some years ago, people asumed that they were accesible when they were at the office or at home, but never when they were outside. But today, if a person forgets his cell it feels almost naked !!!

I wonder if the same is going to happend with the Business Intelligence tools.

Some years ago, only large multinationals companies implemented BI solutions.

Gradually, BI systems had spread to smaller companies and now almost every executive uses BI systems to analyze the information of his company.

But I think that we are in BI like 20 years ago in the phone sector. Most companies have implemented BI solutions, but the information is only available at the office, or from a remote laptop connected via web to the server.

Few companies had developed full mobility BI systems, so executives can´t access the information where they need it(during a meeting, visiting a client, travelling…).

I bet that in a very few years, BI on mobility will be so spread as the cell phone is now.

Here we have a link to a BI tool designed for mobility. It works on & off line, and is being adopted by large corporations (Private and Public) as the the complement to the desktop BI already implemented:

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